Sorry, I tried twice

A few months ago, I had to spend a fair amount of time everyday just waiting. So, I needed things to read. So, I thought, let me try reading the Harry Potter series again.

I had stopped after book 4, or at the beginning of book 5, when the series had come out. Now, with time in hand, and the series on offer on Kindle Unlimited, I started reading it again.

I tried. I really did. But eventually, I stopped. The chapter or two at the beginning of each novel where there is a series of unfortunate events at the home of Harry’s aunt, what the fuck was the point of that? Was it supposed to be comedy? And, why the fuck was the sent back to stay with them anyway? Was it some deep plan to help develop some moral character? Because, from what I can see, he learns fuckall from it. Harry has zero empathy and is a me-me-me-me character.

And let us not talk about Ron, whose role in the series is to be what? Other than being Harry’s friend A, playing a game of chess, pissing off Hermione and being a fount of bad judgement, he contributed nothing.

How does the interaction between muggle world and the wizard world take place? They have some nifty things, but why the fuck don’t they adopt some of the modern conveniences? They adopted a steam train. Could have adopted something else that was not from the 19th century. The reason it drives me wild is people are wired for convenience. If it isn’t religion, people will not do NIH forever.

Anyway, in the interest of cutting this rant short, let me come the thing at the beginning of book 4 that killed the series for me this time. And from what I remember, I had hated this even when I read it the last time around.

Quidditch. It is a badly designed game. The snitch is too valuable. And it is the game ender. And irritating as it is, I had still read three books with Quidditch.

Despite the fact there the Gryffindor team had no reserves, and had the same team for three years. What the fuck is that? So, when Harry was in the first year of school, the captain was Oliver Wood. And there was no one from the two senior years. It is not that they were barred from playing, apparently, no one qualified. Which sounds mighty unlikely.

What was the point of the entire world cup sequence at the beginning of book 4? It introduces Krum and the Dark Mark appears. It could have a thinner a better book without it. Mangaka add panty shots for fan service, and Rowling adds a hundred page of nonsense of the world cup.

But what really pissed me off was that game with Krum. Why the fuck did Krum capture the snitch? Even if the chasers were weak, at the point Krum gets the snitch, they were trailing by 160, so, Krum’s team lost by 10 points. At least, block the opposing team from getting the snitch, and wait to see if your team can get the deficit down by 10 points. Why grab the snitch at that point and lose the game. What kind of “I Krum. I grab snitch.” neanderthal nonsense is that.

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