Anime CM

Since I have been MIA, here is something that surprised me today.

There is this whole segment of Japanese advertisements (CM == commercial message) that are animated. Given that these are well funded, they can have production quality closer to anime features.

Anyway, today, I discovered that Makoto Shinkai had done a few of these ads.

Consider this series of advertisements for Taisei Corporation, a construction company.

「地図に残る仕事」/ “Work remaining on the map” [no-subs]

And this longer one for Z-kai, a correspondence test-prep company. Since I watched it after it popped up on my YT recommendation, I initially mistook it for an extended trailer for a new anime show. There are comments on YT wondering why it isn’t a movie already.

Z会 「クロスロード」/ Z-Kai “Cross Road” [Use CC to turn on English sub]

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