Best KDrama everest

OK. Probably not. But I usually prefer Japanese to Korean dramas, but this feels so close to perfect.

My life was different 10 minutes ago when I discovered this. This being “Women at a Game Company (2016)”, or “The Female Employees of a Game Company (2016)”. The description reads – a drama based on a webtoon {which reminds me I should talk about Korean Webtoons, those things of beauty} about a (few) female employees at a mobile game developer.

There are 11 episodes of about 9 minutes each, so no possibility of the story creep that sucks every kind of joy (unless you like bollywood style romance) from life. [This lampshades the “girl takes off her glasses and turns magically beautiful” trope, so I have a lot of hope.]

So far in the first episode, there has been a project killed off late in development (who hasn’t felt that pain), the team making about Ctrl+Z, and the girls in the dev team letting steam off by doing the wild wild random talking about building a dating a dating sim game for girls with yaoi/yuri elements.

It be good. Hope they didn’t mess the next 80 minutes of the show.

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