Misremembered stuf

As I mentioned a little earlier, I feel the need, the need to be somewhere else.

In an attempt to do that, I have created the flyer with the self-pimping advertisement, the curriculum vitae, the story of my life.

And since I am nothing if not obsessed with validation, I sent the draft to a few friends for comments. One of whom, with great kindness, had these two comments on two separate versions:

It is basically coming across as understated now. Right now, it looks good, seems quite comprehensive, not standing out however.

Right now it’s being more all round & comprehensive, but not coming out as stark. Very, very understated/humble. Need to boost it up.

Which reminded me of this line that I remember Bagheera saying in Jungle Book:

Humility is the virtue of those who have nothing to be proud of.

Leaving aside the question of whether Kipling would end a sentence with a preposition, I haven’t actually been able to find the line in The Jungle Book, the closest instance of something similar being:

“Indeed,” Baloo began, “I am no more than the old and sometimes very foolish Teacher of the Law to the Seeonee wolf-cubs, and Bagheera here—”
“Is Bagheera,” said the Black Panther, and his jaws shut with a snap, for he did not believe in being humble.

Anyway, now to try to channel Bagheera.

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