I am cat people?

A few days ago, from my usual trance of watching J-Drama on food, I fell into a loop of watching dramas based on Yoko Mure’s novels. Kamome Shokudou (Kamome Diner) and Pan to Soup to Neko Biyori (Bread, soup and cat weather). Both of which start Kobayashi Satomi as a woman trying to set up an unlikely restaurant. Both of which are lovely. Both of which I recommend.

However, after the end of the second series mentioned above, I now seem to have fallen into a loop where I just keep watching dramas with cats. Or even dramas which just mention cat in the titles. Today I completed ‘Gou Gou’ – the 2014 series (as against the 2008 movie or the 2016 second series) – based on the Tezuka Osamu Culture Prize winning ‘manga’ Gou Gou.

Go watch. It is about a lot of things, but watching the last episode, nicely mellowed out on wine, I thought this is about growing old alone with dignity. And then, for a horrible moment wondered what dignity I would have as I grow old, before realizing that it fundamentally doesn’t matter.

BTW, all the dramas mentioned in the post today are 4 episodes long. Well, Kamome Diner is a movie, but the other two are 4 episodes long. Short even by the Japanese standard of 6-12 episode seasons. Even more support for my thesis that long series suck. Long series over multiple season suck even more.

Also watched ‘Cats don’t come when you call’ recently. Another movie based on a manga about a mangaka being

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