Assholes in fiction – 2

This is not a real post. More like a note on something I read.

Someone twitter shared a vice Q&A with Dr James Fallon on how to handle rejection. I had heard about the doctor before: he is a neuroscientist who, during the course of his research, realized that he shares certain brain features with psychopaths. When he talked to his friends and family, he realized that a lot of them thought he was a psychopath.

I am just going to quote wholesale from that Q&A and from a Guardian article by the doctor:

From vice:
As my two psychiatrists say, my biggest problem in life is that I don’t give a shit. They tell me “you just don’t care.” And it’s true.
From The Guardian:
Although I made pipe bombs as a kid, and did some joy riding in stolen cars and broke into some liquor cabinets as an early teen, we always returned every piece of stolen property. And any time we were stopped by the police, my lack of anxiety meant the police always let me go, even while my buddies were hauled off for questioning. I was devilish for sure, but a sort of tolerable lovable devil. The pranks and manipulations and party mayhem got riskier and would involve tens and hundreds of others as I got older.
One thing pointed out to me was that simply taking on highly risky behaviors by myself was hardly psychopathic. It was when I endangered the lives of others, unwittingly sucked into my games, that they started to resemble psychopathy.

Which, kind of fits reminds me of my theory of the detective as an asshole.

[And also reminds me of a ton of male protagonists in Indian movies.]

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