The great detective as an asshole – 1.5

Further evidence that the modern detective tends to be an asshole.
I started watching a Japanese detective series called: Kirawareru Yuuki ~ the courage to be hated. It is based on a self-help of the same name.

As far as I understand, the thesis for the book and the show goes: Alfred Adler traces all worries/anxieties to social worries/anxieties. As a character in the series explains: ‘If everyone else disappears from the world, all your worries and concerns would also disappear.’

Thus, the protagonist, Ando Ranko, seems to have decided that to live a happy life, she should live with the courage to be hated. That one should not conform or politely suffer. One should instead have to courage to potentially be hated, and choose what makes one happy. Which sounded like an good idea. Especially in a society that demands conformity like Japan. Or India.

Until I realized that the freedom to be hated, in the case of this series, is also the freedom to act selfish. The courage to be hated occasionally becomes the courage to be an asshole, or the courage to be a sociopath.

In an early scene, Ando is in a queue at a coffee shop waiting to order, when a kid from somewhere behind the line breaks ahead, stares at the last remaining piece of shortcake, and declares that she want it. The kid’s mother drags her back into the line, and the guests ahead of them start ordering, carefully avoiding ordering shortcake. When it comes to Ando, she chooses the last piece of shortcake, leaving the kid wailing.

The great detective is often like that. Why be polite or considerate when one could just be eccentric and do what one pleases.

Which is not appealing to me. After all we are polite and considerate in our interactions with each other not just because it is socially desirable, but also because we can empathize, and can feel the cost of our being impolite to the others.

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